Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Sokoluk, Lori

About the artist
Inspired by the duality of our nature. Seeing the epic story behind everyday life. I seek to connect people to an encompassing, energetic view of the world. Intention and intuition play equal part in my creative process. Work begins with the energy of a place. Texture, collage, and mixed media layer to build a sense of detail, mystery, and personal vocabulary. Intuition guides and discernment hones the resulting highly abstracted pieces. Joan Mitchell, John Marin and Odilon Redon inspire the freedom of my expression and my willingness to address both the light and dark sides of our nature. My current work is inspired by all the ports I've known and loved. The patina, mystery, and flux of the city's edge fascinate me.
Map Code: C8
800 Keefer St
Vancouver , BC