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Love Jules Leather Shoe Company

About the artist
The Love Jules Leather Shoe Company is a small-batch/ limited-run shoe & boot manufacturer based in East Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Our team is small, consisting of founders Julia Vagelatos & Joshua Blodans, as well as an extremely talented production support team that varies in size from 3 – 5 individuals based on our fluctuating production needs. Our 1,500 square foot studio is situated within the Vancouver Community Laboratory (CoLab), a two-story artist/ artisan co-operative located in East Vancouver’s industrial “Hastings Sunrise” district. Our big blue building is a hub of creativity housing private studio space for makers & fine artists alike as well as a fully equipped (members’ only) woodworking & metalworking ‘shop. Our made-to-measure (on order) shoes and boots are wholly handcrafted by us, in-house, using only the world's finest and most reputable components. We pride ourselves not only on our unique designs and fine craftsmanship, but the fact we offer a footwear purchasing experience unlike most. We will never shoe the world, but we will outfit a (small) army of shoe and boot buyers not satisfied with today’s everyday run-of-the-mill off-the-shelf options. We really have just one single mission, and that’s to make killer kicks for those select few who value something a little different than… everyone else. We're the Love Jules Leather Shoe Company.

Quarterly Limited Releases. Made-to-measure. Small batch (50 - 100 pairs max) production. Our custom shoes & boots are proudly handcrafted in East Vancouver, BC, Canada. Est. 2009.

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1907 Triumph St
Vancouver , BC