Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

Stone, Lloyd

About the artist
Lloyd Stone is a Vancouver based artist with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from NSCAD University in Halifax and a Master's of Applied Arts from Emily Carr University. Through an interdisciplinary art practice Lloyd deals with issues of technology and the methods used to remedy the challenges created by technological evolution. Lloyd combines salvaged materials including salvaged pallet wood, metal, electronic and mechanical components with living plants to create interplay of the natural and synthetic world producing work that addresses anxieties surrounding ecology, technology and the psychological effect of a rapidly changing world. These despotic themed works shift between the beautifully ugly and the dangerous while creating tense balance precariously on the verge of losing stability. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources including the environment of the North West Coast, land art practices, the ecological movements, kinetic and mechanical art practices, Lloyd’s sculptures, drawings and paintings explore the tensions of the past, present and future through a practice that is firmly entrenched in philosophy surrounding technology and art theory.
Map Code: E22
1305 Frances St - Unit 105
Vancouver , BC