Drawing, Sculpture

Roberts, Lee

About the artist
The sculptures I create explore animal and human behaviour. Depictions are articulated through use of bio and industrial repurposed materials including rebar tie wire, conveyor belting offcuts, used bicycle inner tubes, reclaimed flooring, skulls and animal parts. Most of the materials are free and would otherwise be bio-waste or industrial landfill. My work is observational, conceptual and sometimes unconsciously mythological. Prying into the emotional, and sharing our investigatory, sensory and sometimes our awkward selves. The results often lead through the subject matter, then execution through use of materials. Minimalist contemporary expression is always a focus. Having gained recognition as a sculpture of biological and industrial exploration agrees with the interest in the relationship of nature to industrialized development. My implemented process’s of materials are mostly hand crafted, and an innate and inherited gift from generations of family fashion tailoring. I am very interested in birds, as an ornithologist from the age of 12 and a drawing of an Osprey granting entry to art college at 15. I studied fine arts and design, left with a first class honours degree. Many of my works message through Raven forms. My work is priced $1,000-$20,000.
Map Code: E3
1338 Franklin St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #1338 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1N9