Swenson, Laurel

About the artist
I am working on process-driven work, and am pursuing abstraction in effort to create work that is evocative, emotional and that responds to the materials. Paintings develop over time with layers of texture, marks, brushstrokes, colour, blood, sweat and tears (and a sense of humour!). Every painting is a conversation between me, the materials and life. I am particularly interested in themes of transition, struggle and growth (both metaphorically and materially). Each painting is a visual expression of emotion and struggle, externalized through paint and materials. Some feel like storms, some like summer. My work is thematically connected by my focus on mark-making, the presence of the hand, the building of texture, and loose gestural painting. Please visit me in my studio during the Crawl — I love talking about art and creativity. Studio 224, 1000 Parker, at Parker Street Studios. I have the Square payment system, so I can take credit cards. Happy to make special arrangements. — Laurel

Painting is the most interesting activity I know. The paint goes exactly where you put it. The awkwardness or brilliance of that stroke is yours, all yours.

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St.
Vancouver , BC
Studio #224