Drawing, Fashion, Painting

Parker, Karen Lorena

About the artist
Karen Lorena Parker BFA | FeminineWild, PulpFiction Vignettes and Canadiana are the stage of Parker's romantic, atmospheric, Inspired paintings and drawings. Her optimistic view of humanity and values showcase in her visual narrative of political, socio-economic works from a Canadian immigrant's viewpoint. Facing the internal and external challenges of human nature's qualities, she creates a visual vocabulary that expresses her worldview. Our inner child, wild, interacting with nature or tapping into past heroes for strength. Golden poses at the golden hour with props of aviation, best friends, her love of fashion depicting a golden era of nostalgia. Silverlinings within a dystopian sci-future, extrapolating corporate greed as even flowers are genetically modified. Grand Landscapes and notable Female Heroes resonated with creative energy, romantic paintings with an expertise in depth and luminescence expressing a spiritual wisdom. Drawings are intricate, delicate with various line quality and expressive character these portraits are boundless with the vibrancy of this talented technical artist. Illustrator for GoldenGlobes and Emmy's, matte painter, concept artist, designer, traditional master, graduate of: Alberta College of Art, Vancouver Film School, BCIT, UofCalgary. Represented in Asia, Vancouver. Commissions and collections in Dubai, Bahrain, New York, Vancouver, Basel, Switzerland. Interview features: ArtVancouver onlie, Arabella Magazine.

I decided to be an artist at 16, recognizing the challenges ahead. Because there is no comparable joy to holding a brush, pencil, and pushing the limits of inspiration.

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #215