Schedlosky , Kemo

About the artist
I enjoy working with a variety of textile techniques including knitting, quilting, print, dye and embroidery. There are usually two projects in progress at my studio, a crafted product for retail and an art piece. Currently, I am working with my manual knitting machine, using a lace pattern that I have created and formed into scarves, mittens and leg warmers. Many of the yarns I am using this season have been kettle or vat dyed in natural concoctions. The art piece I am currently working on is a quilted wall hanging. In it I have used woven, print, dye, quilting and embroidery techniques. I tend to work around the dilapidated or destroyed in buildings, nature or humans. My intentions are to portray the details we have forgotten or ignore that reveal honesty, memorials or the narrative of a place, people and their things.
Map Code: D2
281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC