Metalwork, Painting, Sculpture

Gartner, Kelly

About the artist
Kelly Gartner works with architecture by day and creates art by night. She studied sculpture at the University of Calgary before shifting her academic focus to architecture. In the fall of 2014 she co-founded Grey Stone Studio to create more space for art making in the city of Vancouver. Her current work uses the refuse or discarded art from other artists and re-imagines it into a new expression. Her practice is currently focused primarily on painting, she also extends her work to sculptural and design pieces. Each piece is directly influenced by the colours, textures and concepts of what came before. Whether it is a pre-painted canvas, the waste product of digital renderings or cannibalizing previous sculptures the work that she creates is only a moment in time until it is transformed again. "Everything about art is useful."

The studio might be hard to find, We are in the same building as the Vespa Shop, come around the back and we are in the corner of the parking lot.

Map Code: E22
1305 Frances St - Unit 105
Vancouver , BC