Mixed Media, Painting

Bennett, Kayan

About the artist
I am a self taught artist who was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Coming from a middle eastern background,my art is deeply influenced by the environment I grew up in, by exploring the relationship between the diversification within feminine and cultural identity. The representation of what femininity and diversity means to me is brought to life through the portrayal of strength, confidence and soft vulnerability, influenced by various female figures who inspire me in my day to day life. As an artist, my biggest inspirations are the all of real, raw, powerful, beautiful women that surround me in my everyday life. Saying this, I attempt to capture the confidence and vulnerability found within these women who inspire me. A very important part of my artistic process prior to creating my work is understanding and examining the relation between various emotional states; these tender emotions are delicately layered and softened through the smooth strokes of a paint brush, and gently highlighted with the sparkling hope of gold and copper leaf. I hope to tell a story through fine arts that identifies with the viewer, by being able to relate their own personal experiences to the stories interpreted on canvas whilst finding themselves within the emotions that are portrayed in every piece I create.

"Art is the expression of those beauties and emotions that stir the human soul."
- Howard Pyle

Map Code: E17
580 Clark Dr
Vancouver , BC