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Kimoto, Katsumi

About the artist
Katsumi Kimoto is originally from the coastal community of Ucluelet, BC, and has resided in Vancouver, for almost 20 years now. Inspired by the rugged west coast landscape, Kimoto’s abstract work plays with colour, texture and movement, to emulate the beauty of the Pacific. He also coats his painting on panel with art resin to give them a great deal more saturation and depth. “I am greatly influenced by where I'm from and by the beautiful things that have always inspired me. My experiences are the foundation of my work. Abstract artwork for me is truly about capturing the essence or feeling of something, in the paint, without painting the thing itself.” Kats is also continuing his “Biggest Mystery” series, which are masked skulls found within one or two layers of abstract marbling. The concept came from an old saying “Death is the biggest mystery” and hence the iconic skull image lends itself well to the many different ideas surrounding the popular subject, from death to rock & roll. Kimoto achieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University in Montreal, a Diploma in Visual Arts from Kwanten College and has a Senior Management Certificate in New Media Design from BCIT. Kimoto has worked professionally in art galleries for over 15 years, as a Sales Associate, Director & Curator, and now owns and operates the Kimoto Gallery in Vancouver.

Katsumi Kimoto is originally from Ucluelet, BC, and now lives in Vancouver. In 2013, Kats opened the Kimoto Gallery at 1525 West 6th Ave, just west of Granville St. in Vancouver.

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