Bagayawa, Karen

Address: 1000 Parker St. , Suite: 480
Textile/Sculpture/Painting/Mixed Media
“Painting has always served as an expressive medium for me, allowing me to convey strong emotions at any moment in time, onto surface. Within painting, I am interested in colour, tactile surfaces, pattern and how paint behaves on a given surface. I have always been fascinated by tactile surfaces. Within my past works, I immersed myself in a variety of materials found from the everyday – tile grout, latex paint, powder pigments, spices, tablecloths, doily pieces, enamel paints and fabrics. I experimented with cheesecloth and tile grout to create tactile surfaces and soon discovered the ‘cracked’ surface. Interested in learning to weave cloth, I enrolled in the Advanced Textile Arts Program at Capilano College in 2003 and learned a variety of techniques to manipulate surface with a new medium to me - textiles. I now weave my own linen cloth on a loom instead of depending on commercially made fabrics. Cracking tile grout on woven linen I weave by hand on a loom, I build a sensual cracked surface texture. My cracked fabric or ‘skins’ are a metaphor for decay and time passing. If the viewer cannot physically touch the work, they can imaginatively feel the surface. I find inspiration from colour, surface and pattern within nature and have a sensitivity to colour, layering acrylic washes over and over again to create saturated colour. The whole process of weaving and painting is a very emotional and spiritual experience for me. In manipulating the surface, I hope to engage the viewer and transfer an energy from the making itself into a tangible new form of excitement and heightened expressive sensation.

Eastside Culture Crawl icon This artist is participating in the 2013 preview event.