Film, Sculpture, Textile

Jenny Hawkinson

About the artist
Jenny grew up in the rich mountain landscape of the Pacific Northwest, where the rains fall in abundance and houses occasionally float down swollen rivers. She loves the art of embellishing narratives and has impressive collections of broken ceramics, empty shotgun shells, toy soldiers, animal bones, and lace. These found objects play a central role in her studio practice. Her artwork is characterized by themes of migration, transience, resettlement and homecoming. In recent years Jenny’s interest in these subjects has lead her to artist residencies in Alert Bay, B.C. and Bethlehem, Palestine. Her methods of creating range from building small sculptures out of found materials, to textile and video art. In addition, she is passionate about making work that operates outside the traditional gallery. She has been involved in several community art initiatives in Vancouver; including the design of a community mural, arts and justice festivals, artist centric event planning, and semi-legal guerrilla art projects.
Map Code: B15
450 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC