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Husmillo, Jason

About the artist
In 2003, Jason Husmillo graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from the Department of Visual Arts. He has spent the last several years focusing on the commercial aspect of the art market. He has been very fortunate to be able to practice in many different creative media. Jason is primarily a painter that works in acrylics and oils. As well, he has experimented with India ink and watercolour paints. He has sculpted opera masks, on commission, using traditional methods of clay and plaster and not-so traditional methods of fibre-glass and resin. In the field of graphic design, he creates flyers and invitations. As well, Jason has been designing personalized greeting cards for several years, on contract at the William Tell Restaurant. Just recently, Jason has been designing stencils, for use on fabric and interior design. This has been in collaboration with ICICI Clothing, founded by fashion designer Darin Hartmann. As well, Jason has running contracts with The Lounge Hair Salon, founded by hair stylists, Martin Hillier and Lance Blanchette. Jason regularly donates his works to fundraisers for non-profit organizations such as: The Shooting Stars Foundation, Loving Spoonful, The L'Arche Foundation, and The Richmond AIDS Society.
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713 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC