Sadel, Janet

About the artist
Janet Sadel arrived in Vancouver six years ago. Her skills as a photographer have been refined with over 25 years of artistic practice, teaching and exhibitions. Janet has pursued an interest in traditional photographic techniques. Hand tinting her original black and white photographs is her passion. This time honoured, historical technique results in a delicate and nostalgic look that entirely suits images of antiques, older buildings and structures, collections of nostalgia and pastoral/ botanical scenes. Janet also produces images from her travels, architecture, urban scenes and dynamic abstractions from reflections. Her photo art is both cerebral and personal. Janet's photographs are exhibited and collected in Europe, Canada and the U.S.A.

Trained in art schools in New York City, Jerusalem and Toronto, Janet's photo aesthetic and inspired viewpoint reveal unique visual explorations of cities on three continents.

Map Code: E12
1701 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #508