Kasparec, Jan

About the artist
Born in Czech Republic, Jan Kasparec began his education in art from the age of eight. He started seriously exploring oil painting in 2004 while studying in Paris. After taking plein-air and figurative courses with renowned professors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Jan started finding his own style, while mostly dedicating himself to outside plein-air studies and larger studio paintings of Old Prague and European landscapes. At the age of 29 Jan left for his first extended two-year world trip, which opened his perspective on life. He moved to Canada in 2010. Vancouver became his new home but he never stopped travelling, visiting over 70 countries. His painting style opened to a new dimension of spirituality, reflecting the inner shift of the young artist. While oil remained his main medium, Jan never specialized in one particular theme. Currently, Jan creates bodies of work focused on Vancouver urban and natural landscapes, unconventional Buddha and spiritual paintings, surrealism and magical realism. Jan raises money and awareness for several local charities through his solo exhibitions.

Jan Kasparec is a full time artist devoting his life to one mission: To create unique visionary art aimed at forgetting the mind drama and reconnecting with our hearts.

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #420