Mixed Media, Sculpture, Wood

Fletcher, James

About the artist
STATEMENT: "What the 'bleep' ?" should be YOUR first response to Art. I have always been swept away by the roar of the creative unconscious mind; there I experiment with both life and art – a delightful surprise full of multiple meanings, symbols and metaphors, mystery – the real and the surreal… BIO: Self-Taught Sculptor --- Age 3: experimented with mud. Age 6: discovered the beach and built sand castles. Age 9: ‘mastered’ the art of mashed potato sculptures at dinner......... My current sculpture materials : stone, direct wax into bronze, clay, yellow cedar and paper. NEW for 2016 : Demonstrations of paper making and casting sculptural reliefs from original plaster molds. Surreal 'Firescapes' on board in 9" x12" oil pastels Sorry website is under construction. For further work visit website : ssbc.ca Please CONTACT :kjfletcher1@gmail.com for a Studio/Gallery appointment. ....see you during the CRAWL ......
Map Code: A5
603 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #One flight Upstairs