Mixed Media, Other, Painting


About the artist
Making art is a meditative act; like shamanic drawings, Tibetan sand mandalas, or the surrealist automatism whose purpose was, as Jung called it, to get in touch with the collective unconscious. Using a multilayered technique that includes stencils, transfers, collage and other mono print methods, E.R.Gott’s process is reminiscent of the action painters and Japanese calligraphers in the manner that the work often dictates the direction. There are no mistakes, each piece has evolved on its own terms. Paintings are not limited by any preconceived notions; images and concepts collide to form their own critique of the world that generated it. E.R. Gott has been practicing art for almost two decades; active art communities in various west coast cities. From his first residency in Seattle, and numerous solo and group shows in Victoria and Vancouver as well.
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544 Main St
Vancouver , BC