Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Collins, Haisla

About the artist
Haisla Collins is a woman of mostly Tsimshian and Celtic ancestry, living and working in her hometown of Vancouver, BC. In addition to her education obtained at Emily Carr University, Haisla's work has also been heavily influenced by the contemporary aboriginal arts community, locally and across North America and by tribal peoples all over the world. Haisla thinks of herself as an expressionist, because her work deals with what it means to be human and to be alive. She is fascinated by the connections people have with one another, with all living things, and with the universe around them. Her study of art has spanned many cultures, from mainstream society to small communities from around the world and throughout history. Her work is mostly figurative, with ample use of strong lines and contrast. Her primary mediums are drawing, painting, screen-printing, beading and digital design. In addition to the visual arts, Haisla is the lead singer and harmonica player for the blues and roots band <a href="http://nastybrutishandshort.ca/">Haisla with Nasty, Brutish and Short</a>. Come see her working at the <a href="http://www.urbanaboriginal.org/">Urban Aboriginal</a> art gallery at 458 East Hastings. Currently Haisla runs the Aboriginal Artisan Program at the Carnegie Community Centre, she is the Director of the Raven's Eye Artist Collective Mentorship Program, and artistic director of the blessed Kateri Mural Project.
Map Code: B9
458 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC