Gin Perry

About the artist
When I look up at the night sky, I am humbled. We are merely tiny creatures walking on this earth momentarily. Captivated by the vastness of this universe, my problems all seem to fade away as I am reminded that they are temporary, just as we are. We are part of a constant movement of energy, from creation to destruction to creation again. This life is a play between light and dark. I am inspired by the invisible, metaphysical nature of our world. Fascinated by the fact that there’s so much more going on than meets the eye, I aim to portray the various textures, layers and patterns of life. Many facets we see, most we don’t. My paintings offer different lenses by which to perceive the various energies that surround us. I hope to bring a different perspective to people that helps expand their consciousness, opening up their minds to the infinite. When I remember that there is not a whole lot that we know for certain, I move through life more receptive and growth occurs as a result. I wish to offer visuals that tease the unknown, bringing to the viewer this same humbling feeling that I get from the night sky, even if it’s just a fraction of it.

Art is an attempt to express inner truth. Even if it's not intended, it does.

Map Code: E8
1310 William St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #4