Morosan, Gabriel

Building: ARC, The
Address: 1701 Powell Street , Suite: 103
Gabriel Morosan was born in the northern part of Romania, a land of ancient history and beauty, surrounded by old castles and monasteries, wild mountains and virgin nature. Growing up under one of the most terrible communist regimes, that would inhibit liberty of thought in every way, made Gabriel develop a very strong desire for freedom and liberty of expression later on his life. When he was a kid he started collecting postcards from all over the world. It was a difficult task and dangerous passion, as all the information coming to the country had to be strictly enforced and censored. For Gabriel and his friends, looking at the postcards was the only way to get a taste of freedom. By the end of 1989, at the age of 14, his collection reached 3500 postcards from every corner of the planet. This was also the year that marked a complete turnover for Romania. With the end of communism, THE WALL broke down and freedom came along. A new ocean of opportunities was born. The following year Gabriel was able to get his first photography camera and start creating his own images. An obvious choice for making a living was shooting weddings, which became Gabriel’s first business and was an instant success. Gabriel was a very active person in the romanian society being involved in many projects that helped rebuild the country and revealed the real truth about it - there was still beauty and love left after 50 years of suppression. In 1999 Gabriel finished his university studies with a Bachelor Degree in Physical Therapy. His Graduate Coursework focused on applications of the new digital image technologies in bio-mechanic studies of human body in the rehabilitation process. In the spring of 2005 Gabriel moved to Canada, soon built his life, career and called Vancouver home. Hard work and many sacrifices lead to great opportunities. In January 2010, Gabriel officially opened his photography studio located in The ARC GALLERY in Vancouver, BC. Gabriel followed his PASSION and made his DREAM came true: BE FREE AND LET PASSION DRIVE HIS PROFESSION. GABRIEL MOROSAN can be contacted at his studio 103 – 1701 Powell St. Vancouver ( The ARC GALLERY ) tel. 778 387 0766