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Evaly Art

About the artist
“ Wilderness in all its forms is what speaks to my muse; it has an authenticity that surprises and ignites me." My research takes place on a moving landscape. I walk through nature and absorb visual rhythms and abstract impressions that speak to me through the land. As they translate into symbols and poetic language, they form a story. The painting unfolds as a dance would, with the first wave performed in broad fluid gestures in watercolors and inks, materials that carry the voice of water; its fluid, sensuous body lays the foundation of the painting. The second wave is done in acrylic paint and pastels which balance the act by anchoring movement and shaping form. Evaly grew up in Montreal where she studied Drawing and Painting at Dawson College and Concordia University. She has exhibited in a number of group shows in Quebec as well as Vancouver and Tri-Cities where she had a solo exhibition in 2013. Evaly is also an art teacher, community painting facilitator and performer.
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1636 Venables St
Vancouver , BC