Drawing, Jewellery, Painting

Dzee Louise

About the artist
The intimacy and immediacy of paint is what draws me to it as a medium. Working intuitively, my approach is largely informed by process, examining the interactions between intention and chance. I work primarily in acrylic and watercolour, on paper and wood panels. For the past few years, I have focused my investigations on the subtleties of the body and human experience, curious about what shapes us, and seeking the connections between the physical, psychological, personal and environmental. I have also recently extended my art practice to include jewellery making, and have been enjoying creating miniature paintings people can wear! Each piece is hand painted onto upcycled flatware and finished with resin for durability. If hung on a wall instead of a chain, they make great mini paintings for that little corner in your house too!
Map Code: E8
1310 William St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #5