Drawing, Mixed Media, Printmaking

Fort, Denise

About the artist
Denise Fort is an artist, illustrator and designer. She graduated with a degree in Industrial Design at the University of Applied Science in Munich, Germany in 2007. Denise worked in the design industry as a concept drawer, illustrator and graphic designer ( branding ) for several years in Europe and New Zealand. In New Zealand, Denise started to work as an artist in 2009. Her style changed completely from European architectural inspired drawings to more bold fantasy black line nature inspired art. It was then when she created the story of the helicopter which thematises migration told in a naive abstract way. With her style she got commissioned for several mural work in New Zealand throughout the country. Well traveled, she left her mark in Asia and Europe and exhibited in several countries around the world. 2014 she opened her studio and gallery in the coastal town Raglan, New Zealand. Getting itchy feed after 3 years running her own Gallery, seeking novelty and for most following her long dreamed dream she packed up once again and arrived in Vancouver in July 2017. Denise started painting again and a new style is evolving.

I once said this line and my friend frantically looked for her note book to write it down, she liked it: " I trust myself, I will always feed myself with novelty."

Map Code: E20
1670 Franklin St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #1670 Franklin Street, Vancouver BC