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darcy davis fx studio

About the artist
Darcy Davis Is a working SPFX key and technician in the film and television industry. Mechanical Special effects are quite encompassing,they include the creation of artificial environments, snow, rain, fog, windstorms, fires of various sizes, theatrical explosions with destruction and mayhem. The movement of objects, props, people ,machines small and large. Simulate gunshots, violence, blood spattering or something simple like a falling leaf on cue. With over 20 years in the industry the jobs include feature films, TV series, movies of the week, independent and student film, music videos and live venues. As a welder/fabricator Darcy likes to build sculpture from found objects, bartered babbles, reclaimed remnants , back alley arrested , flea market forays, garbage grabs and gifted gaffe. He's keen to give some discarded junk new life and spirit as something else. Darcy welcomes you to come by studio 507 and check out his metal machinations.

Darcy grew up in Calgary Alberta with formative years being the late sixties and 70's. Darcy has one younger brother Daryl and Parents Jack(Deceased) and Doreen.

Map Code: E12
1701 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #507