New Media, Painting, Photography

Carolina de la Cajiga

About the artist
I came to this world with a creator’s molecule. After some nurturing, I utilize mostly cameras to bring to life what my mind spawns. I search for what allows the transformation of my thoughts into reality. Experimentation is at the heart of it. I am an explorer and an illusionist. When photographing, I leave only what my mind searches. The outcome is always an illusion. As long as the result has visual impact, the effort is worthwhile. My passion is the creation of artwork that shows the tension between intellect and intuition, enjoyment and surprise. During the Crawl, I'll be showing work from my "City in Flux - Work in Progress" series -an imaginative remodeling of Vancouver. Photography and imagination allow me to move buildings to new settings, to reshape, reduce or enlarge them. In these times when real estate prices are hitting the sky, I’m multiplying the land available... Illusion is at the heart of this work. Come check it! De la Cajiga's work is at the West Vancouver Museum, the Business Council of BC, the Richmond Hospital, and in private collections in Australia, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Spain, U.S.

I create artwork that shows tension between intellect and intuition, enjoyment and surprise. My aim is to create artwork for my collectors to cherish for a long time.

Map Code: B2
268 Keefer St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #409