Jenkins, Cathryn

About the artist
Cathryn Jenkins is a widely known Canadian sculptor whose work has received many awards. Raised in the Selkirk mountains of British Columbia, she developed a love of the natural world, the local wildlife, and her surroundings at a young age. As the daughter of prominent sculptor Fran Jenkins, Cathryn also spent many hours in her mother’s studio, and began working alongside her at the age of 14, building the skills and passion for sculpting in stone in those early years. Sculpting has been her lifelong vocation and passion ever since. Years of dedication to her art form have allowed her to work large while still maintaining the essence, movement, agility and true proportions of her wildlife subjects - such as grizzlies and eagles, cougars, otters and owls. Cathryn is new to the Parker St. Studios as of October 2014. .
Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #115