Voyce, Bruce

Building: 513 Prior Street
Address: 513 Prior Street
Visual arts have been an integral part of Bruce Voyce’s life since childhood. His artistic practice has evolved to embrace public art, and the creation of works of art that enrich our common spaces. He has lived in various parts of the country, spending early years in London, Ontario before studying at McGill University and eventually settling in Vancouver. After studying art and sculpture in Florence and Pietrasanta Italy, Bruce returned to Canada and began to create public art projects. With numerous local and international projects, Bruce’s public art combines culture, nature, and technology to create complex artworks that surpass expectation. By exploring the interface between nature and humanity, he is creating works of art that celebrate life. Responding to the site and public environment is the essence of this artwork. This public art pursues the realization of the collective imagination by changing a passing moment into something mysterious and beautiful. Through an evolving exploration of materials, hybrid forms are created. These sculptures read in a way that is both familiar and enigmatic. There is a step beyond self-expression, towards illuminating our physical consciousness. Art can instill a sense of connectivity to our environment. Sculpture can interconnect the realms of art, science, nature, and humanity. Public art can act as a unified gesture of permanence. Nature gently reclaims technology; the landscape is integrated with the art, and the art with the land. With these sculptures the environment becomes a theatre, creating a world of possibilities and wonder.