Painting, Photography

Roberts, Bon

About the artist
A Vancouver and Sunshine Coast based painter and photographer.Bon’s artwork explores connectivity, communication and intuition found within permaculture environments. Paintings evolve through an explorative process playing with the relationships between surface, shape, and light. Beginning with seemingly random applications, turning the canvas and being open to change, subconscious reflections of personal experiences and encounters emerge. The paintings start to formulate and take on a life of their own. With form and shape being exposed, exploring and complimenting these to their natural expression generally results in a contemporary minimalist work symbolizing Bon’s life on permaculture grounds. The photographic component to Bon’s work is based on sharing her own direct understanding of the innate beauty, history, and connection to the heritage birds she raises. The works are highly observational, intensely captivating and conceptual within the realm of art and nature. Bon can work for months with a subject to capture a fleeting moment that she seemingly pauses and depicts with emotional clarity.
Map Code: E3
1338 Franklin St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Inside Callister Brewing