Brian C Cyr

About the artist
Brian Cyr has been shooting for over 35 years and has been involved in the Crawl for 10 years. His work is stunning depictions of Man and His Environment. I've added a new series of works called PICS. Photographic Paintings In-Camera Series. I'm working and perfecting movement in stills to create photographic paintings all in the camera. I'm exhibiting new, large works printed on canvas. I will be showing new works with a new presentation this year. Prints face-mounted on acrylic brings a new dimension to the photographic image. This last year, we have opened 2 new galleries at Railtown Studios. You can see a list of our shows @ The Ice Box Gallery and The Underground Gallery on FB. Our next show opens Sept 25th featuring new works by John James called Love and Honour. Curated by Emmanuel St. Juste. Opening night will include a Fashion Show of John James stunning jewelry pieces, drawing collage and a surprise installation honouring love, 1st Nations and freedom of expression.
Map Code: A4
321 Railway St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #401