Mixed Media, Painting

Feman, Luchia

About the artist
This years work, completed by Luchia, and a surprise gang of inner archetypal child painters, is about magnetic, fairy dust love. It's also a bit of an expose on the dangers of electromagnetic poisoning. Luchia, after an unfortunate encounter with a Mexican cell tower, became obsessed with putting the brain damaging experiences to canvas. The group agreed that somehow the love exhibit would stretch to include, as Luchia puts it, the love of her life . Toots McGuinty, Luchia's 6 year old inner child, works primarily with her left hand, and has done a masterful job of gaining access to Luchia's 57 years worth of largely buried and tragic emotional past, managing to put a lyrical, somewhat humorous spin to it all. 13 year old Rose, (Dew of the Sea as friends call her), spent most of last year painting Fred, a magical, larger than life character she fell in love with two years ago. Resplendent in his various guises, Fred is the classic Shadow King who dutifully shows up in every painting......the lover, the king, the kindly friend, and of course, the evil patriarchal father who later becomes her nemesis. Through it all Rose shines as the magical princess, and paints with heart and magical intensity. Mighty Toots jumps in again at the end, finishing things up with all the wrathful rage and energy only a disowned six year old psyche can muster. Luchia Feman is a Vancouver artist working in historic east Vancouver at Octopus Studios and in Lantzville, BC. She is generally passionate about creating and using public art as a means to encourage thought and exploration for complex social issues. Outdoor venues are particular favorites, and she has proclaimed rooftops to be the great unexplored gallery spaces of our time. Sweetheart, I'm your safe harbour.....you are my treasure.....together we are at home.....
Map Code: A6
393 Powell St
Vancouver , BC