Glass, Jewellery, Sculpture

Tyler, Janelle

About the artist
Janelle Tyler was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While finishing her BA in 2003-2004 at King's College, she began taking classes and workshops in Glass and Jewellery at the Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design. Upon taking a class in Glass Beadmaking , Janelle's fascination with Molten Glass began. While still pursuing the art and craft of Designer Silversmithing, Janelle began to discover the intriguing ways in which these different practices and tools crossed over, influencing each other in new and interesting ways. By 2012, "Artisan Janelle" (her moniker on the Internet) found herself in self-guided study of Flameworking Borosilicate Glass, Lapidary Work, Microelectronics, and Watercolour. With these new tools and materials, her exploration of the cross-pollination between mediums continued, as did her fascination with pushing the functionality of beautiful art-objects. Janelle's goal has always been to make objects that are not only beautiful to the eye and to the touch, but which also add an element of beauty to the life of the person interacting with them. Among her favourite things to make are Glass Dip Pens that are used to make art, write poetry and love letters, Hanging Vases that vividly represent affection, AromaPendants that facilitate the use of plant-based therapies, and Lighting that redefine the space they illuminate, yet use a minute amount of electricity. Ultimately, Janelle Tyler is hoping to beautify your journey through the world.

"Beauty Awakens The Soul To Act"
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