Mixed Media, Sculpture, Wood

Ari Lazer / Sacred Light Design

About the artist
In the studio Ari Lazer draws on the principles of the traditional study of Sacred Geometry to create works that merge the modern world of contemporary design, and the ancient principles of the study of nature. For a decade now, Lazer has been captivated by the harmonic forms of nature, and they way they construct our world - exploring in equal parts modern science and ancient wisdom traditions. His unique artworks and functional art objects utilize traditional woodworking techniques and a CNC laser to create compelling symmetries, that echo the natural world. Lazer weaves these patterns, creating contemplative spaces, artworks, and contemporary design to foster mindfulness in the modern world. His company Sacred Light Design Co. specializes in custom installations for homes and businesses looking to create a mindful atmosphere, and a unique contemporary aesthetic. Come visit during the crawl to explore a range of lighting, mirrors, kinetic sculpture in the studio - and be sure to ask about custom designs for your own unique space.
Map Code: C3
1295 Frances St
Vancouver , BC