Film, Mixed Media, Photography

Henning, Alistair

About the artist
Alistair Henning is best known for his photo-based work interrogating how societies express themselves through their built environments, and how that expression, once manifested, persists and changes through time. An avid proponent of analog-based image capture technology, Henning’s practice gives strong consideration to the relationship between intent, process, and visual outcomes. Originally a professional musician, audio engineer and internationally acclaimed recording artist, Henning’s visual art practice evolved out of creating album covers and promotional photos for himself and other sound artists. He holds a B.A. in English (University of Calgary), an M.A. in Media Production (University of Westminster), and an LL.B. (University of London), and resides in Vancouver’s East Village.

Showing prints from the series 'Rock Is Dead' documenting detritrus of Vancouver's music scene, & from 'Vancouver Vancouver Old—New" previously seen in Capture Photo Festival 2018.

Map Code: E11
1895 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #319