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About the artist
Abubilladesign studio was founded in 2012 by Clotilde Orozco and Alejandro Sanguino, two architects and designers who like to create original and simple objects and spaces. Originally from Madrid, they are currently working and living in Vancouver, BC. With a shared passion for wood, simplicity, modernity and amusing things, they decided to join their talent and experience. Their first design collaboration was their daughter’s crib, which inspired them to further explore the world of children’s furniture and objects. The core belief of Abubilladesign studio is to create objects and furniture that are amusing, playful and original. Their passion for recycling objects is of growing importance and contributes significantly to their design work. Each piece is considered to be unique and great care is taken in its making. They choose to work with local craftsmen. From birch plywood from well-managed forests (FSC), to water-based inks and varnishes which are certified for children’s use (DIN EN 71-3), environmentally-friendly materials and production process are integral to the designs. And the entire collection is handmade! The strollers are made of ‘Play-wood’ and are varnished and painted with all-natural products. The colour palette is cheerful to create a happy atmosphere for children.
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737 E Pender St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Basement